Quality PC Repairs from Certified Technicians

We make sure “I.T. Worx"

What do PCs from Dell, Lenovo, HP and Acer all have in common? Viruses.

At I.T. Worx, we see a lot of sick computers. In fact, the most common PC repairs we perform are related to viruses. Viruses cause computers to run slow, crash software and wreak havoc on your files.

When you see as many viruses as we do, you get really good at removing them. Of course, we’re also experts at replacing or upgrading broken hard drives, adding RAM and solving software compatibility problems.

We can perform PC repairs on devices from any manufacturer, and have the experience to confidently fix almost any model without issue.

When you come to I.T. Worx for a PC repair...

  • No appointment is necessary to meet with a technician.
  • In some cases, diagnostic tests can be performed on the spot.
  • We charge a flat-rate diagnostic fee of $60. That fee is applied to any further repair work performed by I.T. Worx technicians.