Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services


Managed Service Desk


Managed Cloud Services


Managed Security Services


Managed Phone Systems


Managed Backup & Disaster Recovery

IT Services

  • Reduce the risk of downtime
  • Boost productivity by enhancing performance of your network

When we manage your IT services…

We monitor to keep your network active and performing at industry standards. Our team will be notified of any system errors and would respond promptly to reduce costly downtime for your company.

Our team will work with you to find a plan that fits your business size and needs to give your company the best opportunity to boost productivity and performance.

IT Services
phone system

Help Desk

  • Reduce business overhead costs
  • Incident management
  • Configuration of your I.T. system
  • On-site and remote maintenance services

With us as your service desk…

We implement our certified Information Technology Infrastructure Library to equip your business with configuration management and incident/problem management. Our managed service desk takes away the headache and worry of running your company’s I.T. so you can focus on what matters while running your business.

Cloud Hosting

  • Cloud server migration support
  • Cloud partnership hosting
  • Cloud hosting support

Making sure your system is available wherever you need it…

We know your modern business is no longer just in the office, and your important systems, files, documents, and information need to be available wherever and whenever you are doing your work. We can set you up with unlimited cloud storage and remote access to file servers and applications to give you and your company the flexibility to get the job done on your terms. Our cloud servers make working anywhere easier.


Security Services

  • Advanced threat and vulnerability analysis
  • Managed firewall
  • Anti-virus/spyware solutions
  • Security maintenance
  • Managed threat detection and response

We are your firewall…

Through us, you can rest assured that we are monitoring and protecting your systems to ensure you are safe. Threats can come from many sources, and they are becoming more prevalent than ever. I.T. Worx’s team, backed with multi-point protection services and a fast response time, will give you everything you need to feel confident that you are working protected and securely.

Phone Systems

  • Communications systems solutions
  • Managed communications systems
  • Monitored system reliability
  • Employee training for communications systems

We bring you seamless communication…

Having a managed phone system tailored to your company’s needs will ensure consistent and reliable communication when you need it. We can work with previous equipment or supply a hosted system tailored to your company’s needs. Whichever you choose, we make sure I.T. Worx for you.


Backup Services & Disaster Recovery

  • Managed on-going, system-wide data backups
  • Data recovery and backup validation
  • Disaster recovery planning & solutions

Never worry about your important files…

 Our cloud backup servers make hourly complete, image-level backups that are instantly accessible to you. We work with you to create a detailed recovery plan in the face of an incident. Disasters cannot always be prevented, but we can help you recover from them quickly to get you back to work.

Data Recovery

  • Recover files on a damaged or not functioning drive
  • We pull everything that our system can find from the drive
  • Store on a new device that you can use as a backup

Has your hard drive failed? Don’t fret…We’ve got you covered.

Using our powerful DeepSpar system, we are able to connect your hard drives, solid state drives and flash storage devices to recover data that may not show up on your computer anymore. Giving you the chance to recover precious information. Our DeepSpar system also provides forensic services for our business clientele.