Mac Repair

Macs are known for their clean design, quality components and extreme reliability – some people even say they’re bulletproof. But they aren’t immune to accidents, hard drive failures or other breakdowns that can occur when machines are run long and hard.

That’s where we can help. I.T. Worx is an Apple Authorized Service Provider, which means Apple trusts us to handle Mac repairs for our customers. All of our Mac repairs are performed by Apple certified technicians using Apple-genuine or Apple-recommended parts.

That’s important, because if work on your Mac is performed by someone who is not an Apple Authorized Service Provider, your warranty can be voided.

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Mac Repair



Personal Service

We are fast, reliable and a local Apple Authorized Service Provider. You can rest assured that when you bring your Mac to us for repair, you will have friendly and personal service.

Diagnostic Fee

We charge a $60 diagnostic fee up-front. That fee is applied to in-house labor (it does not apply to out-of-house depot Mac repairs).


We offer in-house service – An Appointment is recommended.

Please click here to schedule at the Greensboro location, or click here to schedule at the Winston-Salem location.

Fast Turnaround Time

Our average turnaround time for a Mac repair is 3-6 business days. We stock parts needed for common upgrades, such as a replacing a failed hard drive, in house. For damaged Mac’s parts typically have to be ordered and are repaired upon part arrival.

We repair all Macintosh products, including iMac, MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, Mac Mini, iMac Pro and Mac Pro models.

We repair old and new models.

We repair products that are in-warranty as well as those that are out-of-warranty.

If you do have a warranty (Apple Limited Warranty or AppleCare+), your diagnostic fee would be applied towards any deductible costs. In the event Apple covers the repair entirely, the diagnostic fee would be refunded to you. Diagnostics and repair quotes are required in order to know if the device will be covered or aided by warranties.

Please remove Find My Device. Please follow these steps.

After diagnostics, we will reach out to you to confirm repair costs and wait for your approval before proceeding.

After your Mac repair, we put it though our in-house quality assurance process to make sure your device is running right and is as clean as possible. If we identify possible upgrades that could help make your system run faster or more efficiently, we will give you those options.

Our Mac Repair Locations

  • 3132 Battleground Ave. Suite A, Greensboro, NC 27408
  • 336.285.0368

Hours of operation will be from 10am–6pm Monday-Friday, Saturday 10am–2pm & Closed Sunday.

  • 2516 Somerset Center Drive, Winston Salem, NC 27103
  • 336.897.1955

Located inside the Shoppes at Somerset. Hours of operation will be from 10am–6pm Monday-Friday, Closed Saturday & Sunday.

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