Mac & PC Store

Maybe you’re a Mac addict, consumed by a drive to get your hands on the latest Apple offerings. Or maybe you’re a PC traditionalist, putting your trust in a system you know well and trust.

Or maybe you’re not sure who you are. Or what choice would best fit your lifestyle.

Don’t worry. I.T. Worx offers a retail store staffed by sales people who are highly trained listeners.

Our sales team will ask plenty of questions about your work and lifestyle, then let you try out the latest Apple and Windows products at our no-pressure, no-attitude retail store. Browse for as long as you like, and ask all the questions you want. Our sales team is highly experienced and expressional professional, so they’re ready for anything.

As an Authorized Apple Reseller and a Microsoft Certified Technology Partner, we’re comfortable talking both languages and explaining the benefits of each. We work with individual and corporate clients to meet all their technology needs.

And when it comes to price, we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. We offer competitive pricing on all hardware and software we sell, with this additional value – fast in- and out-of-warranty service and one-on-one training at a shop that’s conveniently located in the Triad.

Whether you aren’t sure what you need or want to walk out with exactly what you came for, visit the I.T. Worx retail store at Irving Park Plaza in Greensboro.  It’s worth your time to talk to the hand.