IT Planning for Tomorrow’s Business Climate

Whether you are integrating new equipment with old or opening an entirely new office, I.T. Worx can help your company design built and install an I.T. infrastructure.

We’ll look at your current needs for speed, capacity, data management and data back up. Then we’ll help you design an infrastructure that takes into account your budget and the way your office works. Are you a design firm that creates and moves big data files? A number-crunching company that needs high security and anywhere access? Or a small shop that’s laying the groundwork for expansion?

We take the mystery and magic out and help you create a road map that shows you exactly where you are going and what’s required to meet your I.T. needs. We’ll explain your options and help you understand what will work best for your business.

And we’ll talk to you at the level of technicality to which you’re comfortable. So we’ll save the mumbo jumbo unless you want to hear about it. And if you do, we’ll provide it to the level that meets your satisfaction.

As an Apple Authorized Reseller, we can source most hardware needs directly at our retail store at a competitive price. Plus you get the additional value of buying directly from a company who can also service your devices.

On the PC side, we are proud to offer Lenovo computers as our PC of choice. Lenovo’s U.S. headquarters is located in Morrisville, N.C., and it has its U.S. distribution center in Whitsett, about 10 miles east of Greensboro. Some computer assembly also is performed onsite in Whitsett.

But we all know that computers can’t do much without the stuff that connects them. That’s why we sell Cisco networking and security solutions for business of all sizes.

We also can help you source the equipment you want and install it when it arrives at your office.