DeepSpar Data Recovery

We are now offering in-house data recovery services!

The new DeepSpar Data Recovery System not only offers a better chance at data recovery, it is a a much safer method than software recovery from a failed drive because it uses imaging. Data is imaged to a working "Donor" drive and then files are recovered from the donor drive versus the failed drive

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Greensboro’s I.T. Worx To Open Winston-Salem Service and Repair Center

Greensboro, N.C. – I.T. Worx plans to open Winston-Salem’s only Apple Authorized Service Provider repair center on March 13 in the Stratford Oaks building at 514 S. Stratford Road.

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It seems everyone wants to claim that they can fix Macs and Apple products. Well there are claims and there is the real truth. The real truth is Apple is very selective about who they allow to fix their products. I.T. Worx is one of those select few trusted partners that are allowed not only to sell their products, but are authorized by Apple to repair them as well. Authorized Service providers maintain your warranty and provide genuine Apple parts.

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